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Roll up!

Wow, man. Groovy. Way out.

PBS aired "Magical Mystery Tour" tonight. For those of you not "born a long, long time ago" like me, it's a TV special The Beatles did circa 1968. (Or at least it ran on TV in the U.S.) For all I know it's been widely available on DVD, but I had never seen it since the original airing. I was curious to see if it was as...odd as I thought I remembered it.

Pretty much. It's not long on plot. Or logic. Though in some ways it's a little more cohesive than I remembered. It's kind of like a long (almost an hour) form video. My husband guessed that it was "an excuse to sell Beatles records, like they needed one," but I think it was more along the lines of an experiment. I saw the Apple logo in the end credits, and IIRC one of the intentions in starting up Apple was to have an outlet for various artistic experimentations.

Whatever. It also strongly resembled an LSD trip. Not that I've ever had an LSD trip, but from what I've read about them it could qualify if your trip included lots of quality music and some British humor. And what the frick? "Death Cab For Cutie" is a song? I'm going to want to research it but sounded like it would fit in the psychobilly school.)

Speaking of LSD trips, for some truly psychedelic synchronicity, MMT aired (timewise) after an episode of "Fringe" wherein Walter dropped acid. It's not the first time he's done that, but I think this is the most we've seen of the results/effects. I particularly liked the segment featuring Pythonesque animation. And Donovan on the soundtrack singing "Hurdy Gurdy Man" (just a few weeks after we were treated to an extended selection from David Bowie's "The Man Who Sold The World.")

Peace, man. Good love everywhere.
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I first saw it at a coffee house in Fort Collins, The Jade Urn. Dad dropped me off and then I found out the show was sold out. I chased the truck down the street as it sped up, oblivious, so then I hung around until the next show and watched it. It was rather disappointing after all my looking forward to it, but I enjoyed the Bonzos doing "Death Cab for Cutie," and when I happened upon my roommate's copy of a two-LP set, "History of the Bonzos," I went for it. I now have their complete released recordings (well, at least before 2000 or whenever they did their reunion concert), not counting bootlegs and things. They were also on "Do Not Adjust Your Set," and videos from it may be found on YouTube. Their biggest hit was "The Intro and the Outro," but it's by no means their best.

Anyway, the next time I saw MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR, my expectations were more reasonable, and I have been able to enjoy it ever since. I'd have recorded it off of PBS if I'd known, but I don't read the guide regularly.
I think I might have been disappointed had I paid for my initial viewing. Then again, I was so Beatle-crazy then, maybe not.

I didn't know who the Bongo Dog Doo Dah Band was at that time. And I had forgotten that I ever heard a song called "Death Cab for Cutie." I only knew that from the band of the same name. I guess it's good that I'm learning things at my advanced age.