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It's Sugar!

It's Sugar is the name of a candy store next to the theatre where my husband works. (It's also truth in advertising, if you ask me.) He came home earlier in the week carrying a It's Sugar bag full of Peeps. I knew they were expanding their holiday reach beyond Easter. I didn't realize they were going for total Christmas domination.

Seriously. There were gingerbread Peeps, shaped and flavored like the cookies (pretty good, actually); white chicks, much like the yellow Easter Peeps, only dipped in chocolate; brown Peeps shaped like mooseheads (Chocolate Mousse; haven't tried them yet); and more or less standard Peeps only shaped like snowmen. I also saw, in another store, Peeps shaped like Christmas trees and completely coated in chocolate.

Oh, my, my. I guess I can really worry when they bring out pink, pig-shaped Peeps for New Year's.
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